Unpacking Services

Full Unpack - Included in the Full Pack Service

With Moving Maids unpacking service, your new home is ready to use from Day One!


During the course of the morning the Operations Manager, having liaised with the removalist, will arrange to meet with the Moving Maids team at your new address. They will unpack and turn your house into a home in 4 hours.


All boxes are unpacked and contents put away in appropriate cupboards. Beds are remade, artwork hung on pre-existing hooks, food items placed in the pantry and refrigerator, lamps plugged in, linen and towels folded and clothing hung in wardrobes. We will also organise your kitchen cupboards for maximum functionality!


The boxes and all packaging are removed at the end of the day and the Operations Manager will walk you through your home to ensure you are satisfied with the placing of your belongings.


Put yourself first for a change & move house with first class service and without the usual stress associated with moving!


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